Mark Malibu & the Wasagas

The Original Surf Punks

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Mark Malibu & the Wasagas

Genre Surf
City Toronto
Country Canada
Years active Since 1979
Tags instro wasagas mark malibu toronto canada surf music


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We are Canada's original Surf Punk Instrumentalists. We first existed from 1979-1982. We were 16 years old and formed out of the ashes of a band called the DeGeneRats. We played with many new-wave and punk bands confusing audiences everywhere.

It was not easy playing surf instrumental music when clubs wanted Black Sabbath, Black Flag or .... any other band wearing black clothes with vocals. We did manage to align with some other young bands around town and play the usual Toronto dives like the Turning Point, Larry's Hideaway, Cabana Room to name a few. We also managed to record 7 original songs which were recently uncovered on a dusty casette.

We reunited in 2014 for several shows with all original members. That’s 32 years later! After a quick eastern Canadian tour, the band was re-tooled. The band signed with UK’s Sharawaji Records and has put out an LP every year since 2017 and charted well around the globe. The future promises to be interesting for us Wasagas with lots of live shows, new music, CDs, vinyls and videos being offered. Surfs Up again !

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