Genre Instro
City Reinosa
Country Spain
Years active Since 2007
Tags Surf Spain Supertubos sharawaji records Reinosa rockabilly instro


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Supertubos is an instrumental rock n roll band based in Reinosa, Northern Spain. Their music is influenced by classic rock, garage rock, country music and other styles but applied more forcefully. Call it surf, hot-rod, spaghetti western or whatever you can think of, it's all about playing at full volume through reverberating guitars and an overwhelming rhythm section. Despite being classed as a "surf band" their main aim is to take their music into a different dimension offering something unique and captivating.

The album was recorded at Moon River Studio has been mixed and mastered by Ibon Larruzea for release by Sharawaji Records as a digital download and Limited Edition Digipack CD.


These Spanish cats have a great grasp of the wild west style. But don’t get to thinking that all the songs are gonna be aping Ennio Morricone. Each track has it’s own distinctive style, from the A1A highway, top down cruisin’ tune of Miami Mendoza to the memories of the one that got away that Espectro de Brocken seems to conjure up. Supertubos! offers up a new style of surf similar to bands like fellow spaniards Los Coronas but still keeps it old school with the country and western surf. You can hear the influence of old school rockabilly and Link Wray in Built for Speed and Il Ragazzo Di Pernile. If you are looking for traditional surf, stay in the 60’s ya fink! Supertubos! bring a slew of sweet originals and two covers (Built for Speed and El Salvador) that will get you movin’ and shakin’ and they never slow down until the end!

Derk Biondi Surfphony of Derstruction 2000

Very good album, its a very fun to listen to and it will enhance your mood This band really likes to play with tempo and wow it sounds so great. Il raggazzo di pernile for example, great ambience then at the end it’s so cool to give another twist to the fate of the song and break the ambience to realise how well the melody is built. A very im- pressive release.

Franky Sands Search for Reverb in Canada

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