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Surfin Kitty X-mas season is upon us…. which means Surfin’ Kitty X-mas 4 is available for pre-sale NOW. Delivery in about a week. Every cent from the sale of these CDs will go to the Pinetree Stables/Cat Sanctuary in Grand Bahamas which fixes and feeds all the abandoned cats on the island. The CD is $10 but you can pay more if you want.
We also have a very limited 4 PACK and a special 3 PACK as Kitty X-mas 2 is essentially sold out.
Like every year, there are songs (mostly instrumental) donated from AWESOME BANDS from around the world… The Tourmaliners, The Surf Hermits, Supraphonics (Geoffrey Curran), Whoa Nellie Vera & Johnny!, Magnatech , Jason Janik , Voodoo Surf Tribe, Jim And The Sea Dragons, The Angry Red Planet, The Slimetones, CRAB BUBBLES, Hermey & the Humbugs (Grant Cermak) , The Breakers, with Dan Peters , Francis P Randazzo, The Surf Junkies, The Terrorsurfs, The Aquaholics, Hitchcocks, Thunder Glove and those loveable Wasagas.
Start the Holiday season off right by thinking of our furry friends !